“Using PlaySafe we successfully and paperlessly manage the inspection and reporting on a wide range of Municipal assets, including Play areas, Housing, Parks and Open Spaces, Trees, School Sites and Cemeteries”

  • Simplify inspection and reporting process
  • In-built ASTM standard
  • Cloud based storage
  • Free download and trial
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited users

What is PlaySafe?

PlaySafe offers a complete, intelligent asset management system enabling you to inspect, manage and maintain all your assets paperlessly. The two apps work together to provide the ultimate solution. PlaySafe Desktop for office use and PlaySafe Mobile for use in the field.

What does this mean?

Create a database to maintain your assets, inspect live in the field with the mobile app, (record and review findings, assign and complete tasks), and manage your findings through to timely completion in PlaySafe, create reports, reduce admin and remove the need for paperwork.

“This has really helped in managing beach car parks, local halls, recreation facilities and land. I use only a small fraction of the features available but for an officer whose needs are to handle variety, rather than quantity of the same thing, it simplifies so much”

How will PlaySafe help me?

PlaySafe can revolutionize your asset management and inspections regimes.

PlaySafe enables playground inspectors to record paperless inspections directly onto mobile devices whilst on site. This data is then automatically uploaded to the Cloud. Data is stored securely and free of charge and kept indefinitely, assisting you in correctly maintaining safe, exciting playgrounds, whilst retaining valuable information (including photos) in the events of defending against insurance claims or analysing data to assist with making future purchasing decisions.

“An easy to use, functionally-rich inspections and maintenance app with in-built checklists which are automatically filtered by asset type. The guys behind this app certainly know what they're doing. Plotting sites and assets on maps is so easy. This is a must-have app for any field-based inspector, engineer or maintenance worker” - PSSLive Android review (PSSLive 5 Star Rated App) - Sign up now