The City and County of Swansea are using PlaySafe to Inspect over 260 Parks and Open Spaces, from Playgrounds to Outdoor Gyms. They also use the Audit Trail capabilities of PlaySafe to defend against insurance claims.

The ability provided by the PlaySafe Mobile Application to take photographs of any Asset, Finding or Task means that Swansea can show the condition of equipment at the time of Inspection. The complete Audit Trail means Swansea can track what has been done, who did it, and when it was done – shown via Finding and Task History on the PlaySafe Desktop Software.

Swansea can collate all their Inspection, Finding and Task history using PlaySafe’s Detail Report Wizard. This means that they can create professional-looking reports in a matter of seconds which show when Sites were Inspected, what Findings, Tasks or Photos were added, and by whom. Each inspection is date and time-stamped and Inspections are signed off with a Declaration to say everything has been inspected and reported. This creates a timeline for Swansea to present during legal proceedings.  

“The City and County of Swansea have used the Public Sector Software system for inspecting and reporting on a vast array of assets and sites for the past 10 years on handheld PDA’s, HTC phones and now on tablets and smartphones with the user friendly PlaySafe+ app. The system is constantly developed in conjunction with the users and technical backup just a phone call away. The PlaySafe system is the perfect tool for Inspecting and reporting on the Parks, Playgrounds and open spaces throughout the City & County of Swansea area”

John Hopkins – Parks Response Officer.