27th February 2017

ENOLA, Pa. (WHTM) – The playground at Adams-Ricci Park is a staple in the community, but leaders say it needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

The Imagination Station is two decades old. The wood is no longer compliant, and it’s not up to ADA standards. That will soon be changing.

The playground was built in 1997 and was expected to last about 20 years. The proposed one should last 30 years.

The playground was built in 1997.

“It’s aged a bit, and now we need to refurbish it,” East Pennsboro Township Commissioner Charley Gelb said.

The Imagination Station will soon get a facelift.

“Right now, we need to look at safety concerns,” Gelb said.

“The wood is falling out of the like of the playground safety standards, and the stainless steel powder-coated playgrounds are a longer lifespan, a lot safer,” said Sheri Matter, recreation director for East Pennsboro Township.

Stephanie Sakore’s four girls, ranging in age from six to 13, enjoy coming to the park.

The township has finished the first draft of the playground.

“It’s a playground close to our house, and they love it here,” Sakore said.

Her girls hope the new playground has castles like the current one.

“This is definitely by far their favorite park in the area, so hopefully whatever they replace it with is something just as good,” Sakore said.

“We’re going to look at it having a portion of it with more of a rubber matting and having a portion of it also be wood chips,” Gelb said.

The township has the first draft of the new playground and would like feedback from kids and the community.

“It’s important because this park is heavily, heavily, used from the beginning of spring all the way into the fall,” Gelb said.

“We all can’t have playgrounds in our backyards, so it’s a place we can bring our kids to have fun, get together with friends, and run around and play games,” Sakore said. “It means a lot.”

The project is expected to start within a year or two. You can give input by contacting the recreation department.

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