Wednesday 27th September 2017- By Barbara Miller

Forget snakes on a plane – Hazleton parents now reportedly have snakes to fear regarding their children’s safety in playgrounds.

In Hazleton, two rattlesnakes were reportedly sighted Friday, and the city closed the park, said WNEP 16. Traps were put in the area of Altmiller Playground.

One neighbor said he’s lived on a nearby farm for 20 years, and has only come across one rattlesnake.

The Hazleton mayor said he hoped the playground could be opened today.

The timber rattlesnake is one of three poisonous species in Pennsylvania, along with copperheads and eastern massasauga rattlesnake.

The timber rattlesnake is listed as species of immediate concern and is a protected species in Pennsylvania. Only those with permits may kill, injure or harass timber rattlesnakes, according to Pa. Fish and Boat Commission regulations.


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