American STANDARD:

 ASTm f1487-17 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use

Maintenance checklist included

Local checklist available for personalization


INPSECT. Manage. Maintain.

This is where PlaySafe started. It is the only software to include the American Play Standard broken down into a series of Finding checks. These are mapped to the appropriate Assets and Tasks to aid the Inspection and Maintenance of play area equipment and ancillary items. The software can be used for any type of Inspection, including but not limited to : High Frequency, Low Frequency, Ad-Hoc, Post-Installation and Post Accident.

Take Photos of the Site itself, Assets, Findings and Tasks to document the entire workflow, providing a clear and fully defensible path of the process. Total peace of mind is provided as all Inspection records are held within PlaySafe forever. Once an Inspection is marked as complete – it can never be deleted. Any changes to a completed Inspection’s Findings or Tasks are retained in the Audit Trail. You can see who changed what, and when. 


A paperless software system is key. It removes the risk of lost or damaged paperwork as well as alleviating the strain on storing/retrieving or collating such a large amount of information over 21 years for multiple Sites. 

Create detailed and personalized reports using our Reporting Tool for use in court as a defense against accident claims. Use the data collated within the database to identify areas with high levels of vandalism and anti-social behavior. Raise works orders and assign Contractors to complete them. Review all this information and make purchasing, planning and budgetary decision based on the facts. 

Whatever the weather, use PlaySafe to maintain your playgrounds.