Jul 14, 2017- By Jackie Coffin

It’s hot outside and playground equipment baking in the summer sun could put your child at risk of a burn.

Safety officials say in 85 to 90 degree weather, playground equipment can reach temperatures over 150 degrees, which can burn a child in a matter of seconds.

They don’t want to scare parents away from taking their kids to the park, but say there are a few warning signs you can look out for.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission says:

”Slides, swings and surfacing materials can all burn children no matter what material they are made of.”

The CPSC says:

”Watch out for anything your child would sit on like slides or swings, dark-colored plastics and rubbers, and uncoated metal like bars or slide steps.”

Even concrete or surfacing under the equipment can burn kids if they’re not wearing shoes.

The CPSC recommends your children always wear shoes and proper clothing and that you always supervise your child.

If you’re measuring these surfaces with your hand, keep in mind that children’s skin will be more sensitive than your own so even if it’s not super-hot to you it can still burn them.

Additionally, some surfaces transfer heat more slowly so it may not feel that hot to a quick touch, but leaving your hand on can give you a better measure of how hot it is.

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